Everything from one source. Following this principle, we offer our customers a complete service package from design and manufacturing to mounting and commissioning.

Detailengineering for thermal plants, piping systems and steel structure: After completing the basic engineering, the customer's preferred solution is worked out in detail. Our services in this area include: pipe performance planning, 3d-Piping Design, 2d and 3d isometrics and productions of part lists, project management and preparation of production schedules, calculations of air and flue gas lines with test and assembly plans.

Manufacturing, transportation, erection of boiler pressure parts: : Together with our partners, we offer the production of component boiler engineering specified by the customer. TB Hübner GmbH takes over the designing, manufacturing and monitoring inspections, quality control, materials procurement and transportation.

Consulting and Project Management: Our business activities include project consulting, cost estimating, preparation of tender documents, participation in the award process, evaluation of bids, negotiation of easements and agreements, optimization of costs, quality and deadlines.


Manufacturing of boiler parts:

  • Boiler
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Piping
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